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Movies To Watch In The DropLabs Sneakers

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The DropLabs app features 5 different audio filters that control the way that audio is converted into vibrations. This month we'd like to highlight movies that have feel incredible in the DropLabs EP 01 sneakers while setting the app to the Dramatic EQ filter. If you've had a similar outstanding experience while watching a movie with the DropLabs sneakers, give us a shout on our socials and we'll be sure to feature it next! 

Richard Little is VP of Audio Platform here at DropLabs, joining us from Sonos, so he knows a thing or two about great audio. As a guest curator, he put together a list of movies that pair well with the DropLabs EP 01 sneakers in the Dramatic EQ filter setting.

A note from the curator, Richard:

I love film, and in my career, I’ve made note of particular scenes where the audio and bass effects are challenging and add drama.  This month, I thought I’d share a few scenes I revisited in testing recently, which I perused using our Dramatic EQ.  Dramatic is an “Experience” EQ, designed to work well with films without being distracting.  These days, we are likely watching a lot more film at home than normal, so please enjoy these films and the audio experience.

Opening to The Fellowship of the Ring


There’s bass in the battle sequence, and when the One Ring is chopped off the Dark Lord Sauron’s hand, but it’s also surprising how much bass there is in Cate Blanchett’s voice.  The audio in this part of the film is just exceptional, and I’ve been using this scene for testing and evaluation purposes for over 15 years.

Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World - Opening Battle


The audio in this battle sequence has a huge amount of dynamic range: the silence of the ocean, and the crashing of waves, gives way to cannon fire, splintering decks, and battle cries.  At about 4 minutes into the clip, the exchange of cannon fire creates a particularly dynamic sensation experience.  They don’t make a lot of films like this, these days.

The Last Samurai - The Last Ride


This short clip features cannon fire, charging cavalry, infantry, and samurai, with a lot of associated bass rumble.

The Matrix Reloaded - Highway Fight Scene 


Try to make your way to the Winslow overpass, off the freeway.  The accompanying music (“Mona Lisa Overdrive” by Juno Reactor) carries most of the bass.

Star Trek VI: Battle of Camp Khitomer


The background rumble of the starship engines vibrating through all the deck plates is a Star Trek “signature sound”.  With the EP 01s, you can feel the vibration as if you’re standing on the deck plates yourself.  Add to that, the audio associated with the drama of the battle, and the sensation really adds to the overall experience.

Nick Fury "Want To See My Lease?"- Captain America: The Winter Soldier


This scene starts with a lot of well-recorded staccato gunfire, and then transitions into the start of a car chase scene, with dramatic bass content in the soundtrack.

Mad Max: Fury Road - Harpoon and Pole Battle Scene


There’s a lot of dynamic range in the bass content in this “not suitable for children” gory battle clip.  The bass goes quite deep as well.

Richard Little is our VP of Audio Platform, which means he’s responsible for engineering “everything audio” in our products.  He came to Droplabs last year, after spending 24 years engineering loudspeaker products at leading companies around the world.  This month he’s been listening to “Still On My Mind” by Dido.


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