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Meet Loren Piretra, a digital marketing strategist

by KC Orcutt | |

Creatives in Conversation: Loren Piretra talks balancing her professional and personal passions as an entrepreneur.

In today's day and age, it has become increasingly common to see those in the creative community have more than one hustle. For LA-based marketing expert and storyteller Loren Piretra, her passions are tactfully intertwined, with each facet of her career and lifestyle organically helping to shape and support the another.

Over the years, Loren's area of expertise as a digital marketer has spanned across industries, earning a portfolio that is proving to be just as diverse as her talents. Whether she is working on projects in fashion, sports, tech, entertainment, fitness or academia, Loren can be found filling her days as fully and intentionally as possible, helping drive results for her clients (which include reputed organizations such as the NFL and Red Bull) and nurture her own journey as a spirited entrepreneur. 

Outside of her work in the digital realm as the owner of L. Piretra Ventures, a full-service agency, Loren enjoys exercising her creative muscles in several different capacities. Whether that's in the form of putting her interior design skills to the test as an avid vintage collector or merging her skills as a photographer, stylist and writer to contribute content to renowned lifestyle and fashion outlets, Loren's impassioned energy can be found in every project she touches, regardless of if it's personal or professional.

In addition to curating her physical space to reflect her creative spirit, Loren also makes sure not to neglect her physical health either as an avid runner, all while paying it forward to others looking to complete long-distance running milestones alongside her. As an official pace leader for the Pasadena Half Marathon and Los Angeles Marathon, Loren not only recently added her 10th official marathon to her list of accomplishments, but helped others to achieve their goals as well.

During a proper Q+A with the DropLabs team, Loren shared her musings on how she balances everything in her packed schedule without neglecting her personal core values or mental health, while also sharing more about the importance of choosing to spend one's time with intention, purpose and gratitude.

What do you do for a living and what helped you get started?

I have always been super independent and oddly obsessed with working so I started taking on a number of jobs as soon as I was old enough to do so. Throughout my teens, I balanced playing sports, working in retail, hospitality (restaurant), with seasonal jobs as a swim instructor, lifeguard and manager of a local beach club while in high school, so by the time I got to college, I already had the drive, the discipline and enough experience to secure some killer internships. While in school, I was an intern writer/ reporter for our local news affiliate, did some marketing for the NFL Super Bowl 43, worked with Red Bull leading collegiate marketing efforts, and Roxy/ Quiksilver launching a few of their first athlete capsule collections. I’ve remained in-house with some of those brands ever since and throughout the past 13 years acted as a marketing “utility player”  building teams, processes, programs and communities, online and IRL, autonomously and cross-functionally on both a regional and global scale “in house”.

I’m now investing my in-house experience to move more brands and businesses forward at scale as an independent strategic advisor to people, products and platforms looking to develop tactical Influencer Marketing Programs, define best practices, Go-To-Market strategies and build tools/resources. As a full-service, data-driven consultant I provide guidance on all aspects of influencer/entertainment marketing, operations, business development/partnerships, digital, sales, and at times, act as marketing representation for key clients – and I have a lot of fun while doing it!

What is your favorite accomplishment or a project that you're really proud of?

I recently crossed the finish line of my 10th full marathon in four-ish years, since I started long-distance running. Marathon running is super special to me because it's one thing that's 100% on me and for me. I love the feeling of working towards a goal that's equal parts mentally and physically challenging. I love it so much that I actually spend 6 months out of the year volunteering as a pace leader/LA Marathon trainer. We wake up and hit the streets at 6:30AM every Saturday for a half-year leading up to the LA Marathon and then I have the honor of leading folks to the finish line. Playing a small part in someone's huge accomplishment is such a special privilege and I love that I have the opportunity to give the gift of confidence to other athletes by simply believing in them and giving them that lil extra push of tough, Jersey-girl love to make sure they don't give up or slow down when I know they are stronger than they think they are in that moment.

How would you explain the DropLabs experience to your friends?

It's incredible -- you can really feel the music through a whole other sensory experience. Almost reminds me of when you're at a festival and like deep in the crowd and everyone’s just bouncing around. DropLaps really brings the sound to life

What is one area in your life where DropLabs Technology could serve you well?

I'd love incorporate DropLaps into my group meditation practice. "Soundbaths" are one of my favorite forms of guided group meditation - the way I describe it to beginners is it's like a crystal bowl concert that massages your brain. You know that feeling you get when you're just driving alone in your car and blasting your favorite song? When that sound goes through your body and gives you a warm fuzzy feeling, it's the same as a sound bath, plus tons of other wild benefits. I could only imagine how much more it would intensify my experience with a little movement/extra flow on my feet.

What do you do to get into your creative zone?

I live and breathe in the creative zone, which is both fun and exhausting. So, I need to have many different ways of getting back in the right headspace to allow for good ideas to flow. Running has always been my moving meditation; I am super spoiled to live alongside some of the most beautiful running paths on the planet, and whenever I need to turn my analytical brain off, I just venture out for a long run. I'm a marathon runner (and trainer) and during peak season I'm running up to 40-50 miles a week, so it's a great way to just turn my brain off and let ideas flow.

I also often say I find myself hitting my "flow state" when I hit the flea market. I moved into a new bungalow apartment this year (sometimes referred to 'LP HQ') and am loving combing through vintage (home goods, fashion, glassware, records, prints) or buying new plants. I find a lot of inspiration in the process of visualizing where things could go, how I could style certain pieces, and soaking up all the good old energy. One of the most unique things about "LP HQ" is my little bungalow apartment is furnished with almost 100% vintage or second-hand items. Admittedly, I'm still trying to quit fast-fashion and be a better, more conscious consumer who really thinks critically about my purchasing power- so by buying most of my home furnishings (only exceptions; linens and tech -- I have terrible environmental allergies so I couldn't risk bringing in dust or god forbid, dust mites) are second hand or vintage. I spent many weekends combing through vintage warehouses, flea markets and estate sales to bring my little ‘70s vibey vision to life.

Group meditation is also a huge part of my life. Since the start of the year, I've participated in over 50+ hours of guided group meditation (shout out to Unplug Mediation Studio in Brentwood). We keep a lot of clutter upstairs (i.e. in our heads), especially as hard-working, busy people, and meditation makes such a difference in clearing it all out. I literally can think and see more clearly and feel overall so much lighter when I take that 45 minutes or an hour to just unplug / disconnect and let my mind go. As an "always on the go" person, making a commitment to stop/slow down/be silent for a set period of time each day or every other. This has made such a difference for me and made so much space for creative ideas and big dreams to flow through.

What are you currently working on or are aiming to accomplish in 2020?

Building my business. I've been always been pretty intentional about taking on projects and roles where my work is very entrepreneurial in nature, so taking the so-called "leap of faith" into the world of working for myself felt safe and familiar from the start. On top of this, most of my clients are like family to me, and I'm thrilled to be supporting them in a different capacity now, from the "other side" if you will. This year will really be about helping to define and draw out roadmaps for where we want to take them, their brands/businesses and then doing the damn thing! My success and accomplishments are 100% a product of the success of my peeps, I love to see them win.

Loren Piretra can be found on Instagram at @iamlorenp and on the web at https://www.lorenpiretra.com.

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