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DropLabs Creator Series 12: Jordan Hawkins

by KC Orcutt | |

Creatives In Conversation: Musician Jordan Hawkins on how DropLabs Technology opens up other windows of creativity.

Music is not only a great way to build connections with others, but also an incredibly powerful form of self-expression. For recording artist Jordan Hawkins, the ability to express himself honestly through his music has helped him find his life's purpose and inspired him to wholeheartedly share his art with others. After all, music is meant to be a shared experience, and that is true of both the creative process itself and the act of enjoying what has been created.

Growing up in Greensboro, North Carolina, Jordan first discovered his talents as a vocalist while singing gospel as part of his church's choir, which he initially joined due to the encouragement and support of his grandparents. After spending years honing his craft, developing his songwriting skills and masterfully learning how to play the guitar, Jordan relocated to the Los Angeles area to further his education and begin building a strong foundation in the music industry.

While attending Pomona College as an economics major, Jordan naturally gravitated toward taking full advantage of the grand piano in the campus' residence hall, balancing his time between his studies and his penchant for song-writing. After graduating from school, Jordan found himself having to navigate the societal expectation that he'd pursue a career in economics, choosing instead to dedicate his time to his career as a professional musician. While many can attest how the music industry is one of the most difficult to break into, Jordan uses the challenges he faces as fuel to keep pushing forward, working passionately to show others that the rewards are worth the necessary sacrifices.

As someone who thrives in collaboration, Jordan has found one of the most enjoyable parts of making music to be working with others. Recently, the artist and producer was introduced to DropLabs Technology™ at an installment of The Basement Series in downtown Los Angeles. While Jordan was playing on stage as one of the evening's featured artists, attendees were able to demo the EP 01's, which had been synced to the same frequency as the live performance, delivering an exhilarating experience truly unlike any other. He quickly found himself inspired by the possibilities of the revolutionary technology and how it can amplify live music experiences.

In addition to experimenting with different ways to best utilize DropLabs Technology™ in his own artistry and in the live performance space, Jordan took a moment to chop it up further about his aspirations in music and his genuine intent to inspire others.

What do you do for a living and what helped you get started?

I'm an artist, and to break it down a bit further, I'm a guitarist, producer, singer and songwriter. I sing and play guitar on stage and I have full band behind me. I grew up playing music in my hometown. I'm from Greensboro, North Carolina. I started singing in the choir at my church, then I started taking piano lessons. Piano was my first instrument and led me to play the guitar. That's where it all took off for me. I started writing songs and delving really heavily into playing guitar. I started getting into folks like Jimi Hendrix, John Mayer, BB King, Stevie Ray Vaughn. The guitar became my instrument of choice, along with my God-given gift of being able to sing. Four years ago, I moved to LA to pursue music and to go to college where I studied economics.

What is one of your favorite accomplishments or a project you're really proud of?

I think my favorite accomplishment thus far has just been being able to work with my friends. A lot of people that I work with are my friends, whether they're featured artists or producers. I work with them to put out dope music that's really starting to catch people's attention. Being able to make music that you care about with people that also care and being able to see success together is something I'm proud of.

What do you hope people walk away with when it comes to your music or message?

I feel like my music definitely details my ups and downs with relationships while in college and then now transitioning into adult life, which is very relatable. The message that I'm trying to sell as someone that went to and graduated from college and is now pursuing the dream of music in LA is that anything you want to do is achievable. I want to be inspirational. I feel like a lot of people go to college and they may not be doing something that they're passionate about. I want to be a voice and I want people to know you can always pivot and follow your passions and achieve success.

How would you explain the DropLabs experience to your friends?

I've been able to create music with the shoes on. I can plug my guitar into the shoes. With creating and listening back to music with the shoes on, it was a whole different experience. It allows you to experience the music in a whole different way. For me, it's allowed me to get into it more and feel more connected. It's an enhanced sensation of what I'm already feeling on the guitar. To feel what you're playing is a completely new sensation that a lot of musicians would love to have.

Has DropLabs Technology influenced your approach to making music at all? If so, in what way?

I think it has changed my thinking as I've continued to experiment and want to take this product into the live space. I might approach a solo in a different way because it's going to resonate in the shoes a particular way depending on what filter. It can open a whole other window of creativity. There's a very low bass filter, for example. If you really want to amp that up, you can play a really low string on the guitar and just have the drummer really drive the kick drum and create this pulsating thing. You can create a lot of moments to get people really excited, especially in the live space.

What words of wisdom would you like to pass along to someone first starting out in your field?

Keep striving to create amazing art. If you strive to achieve amazing art and be consistent, the rest will take care of itself. I think it's really that straightforward.

Jordan Hawkins performs "Real", "We Have", and "Thankful" | Live at the Lab

Jordan Hawkins can be found on Instagram at @imjordanhawkins and online at jordanhawkinsmusic.com.

As innovators by design, the team behind DropLabs Technology™ is dedicated to supporting and elevating members of the creative community. Together, we aim to serve as a platform highlighting different creators as they work towards achieving visionary excellence and inspiring others along their path. To nominate a creative leader you’d like to see highlighted on our website, please contact marketing@droplabs.com.


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