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DropLabs Creator Series 11: Stephanie Curtis

by KC Orcutt | |

Creatives In Conversation: How Stephanie Curtis shifted her career focus to reflect her bonafide passion for helping others. 

While society may historically appear to have a dominating voice in determining what constitutes a successful life, creative-minded people often tend to disrupt and challenge those notions. Stephanie Curtis has leaned into doing exactly that, following what many would consider a non-traditional and non-linear path. Growing up in upstate New York, Steph first discovered her competitive spirit through her athleticism, developing a sense of discipline that would soon carry her to the West coast in pursuit of a career in fashion.

While finding her footing as a stylist, Stephanie began documenting her travels in the form of a personal blog, In A Real Cool Mood. Her passion for creating content that intersects between fashion, music, culture, travel and cannabis grew into much more than a hobby and has now grown into a full-fledged consulting business. Steph's penchant for risk-taking and putting in hard work is rooted in a larger mission to give back to others and the planet alike, something she attributes to having been born on Earth Day.

As a creative, Steph is naturally a visual person who is big on aesthetics and making sure she is helping bring the best energy into the room as possible. Whether she is redesigning her home's interior, working to develop creative strategy for other brands or expertly capturing the sunset from her secret spot in Malibu, Steph is inspired by the world at large and is eager to share its wonder with others. In 2019, Steph left her full-time job to establish her own CBD brand, furthering her mission to push the conversation forward and help others discover the healing qualities of the cannabis plant. As she gears up for what is destined to be a flourishing 2020, Steph stopped by the DropLabs HQ to share more about what she's working on and how she got started.

What do you do for a living?

Currently, I am consulting for cannabis companies, as well as am launching my own CBD company. Through my consulting business, blog, social media and my own brand, I am working to expand the conversations surrounding cannabis throughout the country.  

What helped you get started?

I moved to LA from NY when I was 21 to pursue my career as a fashion stylist. I've always loved cannabis and worked with some grassroots companies in New York that really pushed the movement so I was always around the culture. For me, it all really sparked when my dad got sick with Parkinson's. He had to retire from the military. We ended up smoking together and it really brought us together on a level that I hadn't really shared with my dad before. When that happened, I saw how it helped him and made him feel better and gave him a better quality of life.

What inspired you to make the transition from fashion to cannabis to eventual entrepreneurship?

When I moved to LA, I really tapped into learning more about the plant and the industry. Having access to cannabis allowed me to really dive into the field headfirst. I taught myself as much as I could about it and how it interacts with the body and can help with certain ailments. At this point, I was still working in fashion and had gotten an internship. I ended up getting hired by the firm and started working with people I dreamed of. During this time, I kept having these opportunities on the side within cannabis, whether it was working in a dispensary or at indoor and outdoor farms. I learned all of the different aspects and I ended up making the transition from fashion because it made my soul feel good. I really loved the work I was doing in the fashion industry, but it just wasn't hitting my soul in the same way so I decided to go full-time in the cannabis industry. 

When you're doing what you're meant to be doing, you just know it. I made the transition into the industry about four years ago. Now I'm working for myself and other brands in a way that I envisioned and manifested for myself. It's been really rewarding being able to collaborate with different people and brands who are working to break the stigma, educate others and push the conversation further. Educating others about cannabis and its benefits is really important to me.

Is there an early memory you’d like to share about when you first discovered some of your passions?

At first, I was going to say when I got best dressed in my senior year of high school [laughs]. However, I do have one time in mind that I feel really gave me clarity in my purpose. Two years ago, I got the call that my dad wasn't going to make it to the weekend. I was trying to figure out what I could do to stop this horrible thing from happening so I stuffed my bag with a ton of CBD products, flew home and secretly pumped my dad with all of it while he was in the hospital. Two weeks later, he was out of the hospital and was able to walk without using a walker. That moment may not have been like other people's success stories, but it was a huge moment of clarity for me and my purpose. Things really clicked and gave me trust and faith in my path. I trust in the moments that got me to where I am.

What do you do to get into your creative zone?

Music definitely helps me get in my creative zone, even if it's instrumental. I always light candles. I really like to create the environment I'm in. I like to be surrounded by things that make my soul feel good. I like to create the scent, the background noise, and natural light. 

What surprised you the most about trying out DropLabs Technology?

I'm a big meditation person. Being able to tap into a higher plane of consciousness with the vibration going through me with the shoes on was really incredible. The vibrational experience really enhances movies, music and meditation. DropLabs helped me to feel more connected.

Also, I'm a big sneaker person and I think it’s hard to make a sneaker if you're not a household name. I was really impressed by the style and design. DropLabs did a great job of taking the technology and making it wearable. I wasn't sure what to think going into it, but I was really connecting with the audio experiences. It was something you didn't know you needed, but once you try them on, it just clicks.

What words of wisdom would you like to pass along to others?

Don't allow fear to keep you from doing what it is that makes your soul feel good. As humans, we're really good at not believing in ourselves and almost have a fear of success. You really need to push past the fear and dive into what you truly want to do. We're only here for a short period of time. It's important to not hold yourself back and push past your fears. They're going to always be there and you have a choice to push past them and go into the unknown and find your calling.

Stephanie Curtis can be found on Instagram and Twitter at @inarealcoolmood and online at inarealcoolmood.com

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