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DropLabs Creator Series 02: Ayesha Sehra

by KC Orcutt | |

Creatives In Conversation: How Social Media and Branding Expert Ayesha Sehra is empowering others to do what they love.

As seen through vibrant recaps of her day-to-day on social media, Ayesha Sehra is living the romanticized idiom that when you do what you love, you'll never work another day in your life. However, she'll also be the first to remind you that hard work is an integral part of the process and should be acknowledged and celebrated as such.

As a passionate entrepreneur, social media influencer, model and speaker, the intersection of Ayesha's multifaceted career path is rooted in self-betterment, both for herself and for her clients. Such an approach and perspective has been infectious, encouraging others to lean into finding their purpose and working relentlessly to get after it.

Through her social media marketing and PR agency, Grow The Social, Ayesha has been able to not only relocate to the Los Angeles area, but genuinely come into her own as an entrepreneur and dot connector. Her company's ethos is in helping brands, businesses and the individuals behind them amplify their messaging to create lifetime brand value and carve a legacy to be proud of. Ayesha’s work has led her to working with a plethora of companies, such as Nike, Bumble and The Toronto Blue Jays, to name a few.

Whether through her personal social media platforms, podcast and YouTube series which is aptly titled Coffee And A Good Vibe—or her work with clients, Ayesha can be found filling her days with gratitude, creativity and no shortage of positive energy. While stopping by DropLabs HQ in Echo Park, Ayesha took a moment to chop it up further about what she’s been working on and what moves her.

What do you do for a living and what helped you get started?

I'm an entrepreneur from Toronto. I moved to LA to scale my dream business, which is a marketing and PR agency called Grow The Social. We work with influencers and consumer-based brands on everything from creative direction to social media management to content creation to marketing campaigns.

Being an entrepreneur and being young, there have definitely been a lot of learning curves. I was doing a lot of brand consulting in Toronto and it's a completely different marketing landscape in LA. My parents thought I was crazy and I really had to prove myself. I started building my business in marketing and became an online fitness coach. When I was a teenager, I was sharing fitness tips and healthy foods on Instagram, and before long, I realized I was organically building a business. While I was in school, a lot of people reached out to work with me as a trainer and I ended up working on influencer campaigns in Canada. I worked with brands such as Nike, Bumble and Daniel Wellington, which ended up turning into consulting for different brands, entrepreneurs and public figures in Toronto.

When I moved to LA, everything became a domino effect and Ive been able to connect with so many people and brands. Keeping my hustle up has allowed me to build my business. I also started a podcast and it helped me meet people out here. It's definitely been such a journey! 

What do you do to get into your creative zone?

I like to work out. I get a lot of ideas in the gym, in flow on a run on the beach or escaping in a yoga flow! I get a lot of content creation ideas or different ideas about the business or space in the market and it usually happens when I'm moving my body and allowing myself to get in that creative headspace to allow the ideas to be clear and flow in!  

How would you describe the DropLabs experience to your friends?

I thought it was super exhilarating. It's coming through you. It's coming through your feet. I was feeling the beat and I was in such a vibe. If I was going to make someone feel a vibe, that's what it feels like. [Laughs] I was dancing in the park today, and I wish everyone else had it. You're on a different wavelength with those shoes on.

What words of wisdom would you like to pass along to someone first starting out in your field?

Messy action is better than no action and done is better than perfect. We love to make sure that everything has been executed according to a plan. A lot of people would rather wait until they have the money to do something, but you have to be relentless and take risks. You can't let anyone stop you on the way. Another word of advice would be to keep a strong supportive and uplevelling environment around you! The people you surround yourself with and environment you operate in are HUGE! Keep it positive, keep shining and operating with love!

What do you aim to accomplish next in your career?

I'm actually hiring right now! Last year, I couldn't even imagine being in the position I am now in the business! My business has grown to the point that I can now hire a team and I'm really excited about it. I want to be a great leader and mentor to the people I hire. You need to invest in the people working for you, just as much as they invest in you. I want to help them perform and help them become the best them they can be.

Ayesha Sehra can be found on Instagram at @ayeshasehra and online at growthesocial.com.

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